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Gackt-kun by Lady-Nyx Gackt-kun :iconlady-nyx:Lady-Nyx 0 0 Always Keep the Faith by Lady-Nyx Always Keep the Faith :iconlady-nyx:Lady-Nyx 1 5 Clouds of Lavender Bunnies by Lady-Nyx Clouds of Lavender Bunnies :iconlady-nyx:Lady-Nyx 0 0
Haru Haru FINAL Ch2
I sigh deeply as if the ground is going to cave in
Only dusts are piled up in my mind
The street lights were just being turned on with the hush of a cold evening when Hyun drove back to Min's apartment.
"We have to tell him!" Hyun yelled, starting the car again after walking Min slowly to his car, putting his jacket around her shuddering shoulders in a feeble attempt to shield the cold.  Min was too busy shivering to answer right away, eyes wide and frightened as he pulled away from the curb and rammed himself into the traffic impatiently.
"Min? Min!"
"I'm here." She whispered.
"We have to tell Ji, now." Hyun repeated, looking frantically from her to the road in front of him as he cleared out of traffic and sped against the open icy winds of the highway.
It was silent in the car, a blanket of darkness and warmth enveloping the passengers.
"I want you to promise me something." Min said quietly after a moment, looking over at Hyun.  He nodded, agreeing before he'd eve
:iconlady-nyx:Lady-Nyx 3 2
Choikang Changmin by Lady-Nyx Choikang Changmin :iconlady-nyx:Lady-Nyx 0 2
Haru Haru FINAL Chapter 1
Finally I realize... That I’m nothing without you.  I was so wrong, forgive me.
The car was running, sitting there, the driver’s door ajar waiting for a passenger, with the smoke from the back pipes shooting across the empty lot.  It was the middle of the week, late in January.  The nip of the cold air crawled up the jacket sleeves of the bystanders, not at all modest.  Leaning against the trunk of the car was a small girl, eyes looking around almost impatiently.  The man with her looked at his feet, hands in his pockets.
“You shouldn’t...” The man started, but the girl looked at him, cutting him off.
“Don’t back out on me Hyun.”
“I won’t...” He sighed.  He was about to speak again, but they both looked up as three unruly looking men came out from around the alley, laughing at some kind of joke between them.  The girl stepped closer to the first man, and h
:iconlady-nyx:Lady-Nyx 3 5
“Do you want it back?” The boy taunted, waving the pen above his head out of the girl’s reach.  Her small pale face was turning red with frustration as she jumped desperately to get it.
“Jake, give it back!” One of her friends sighed, trying to think of a way to retrieve her friend’s favorite pen.
“She can get it,” Jake replied, a huge grin plastered on his face.  His blue-green eyes danced with the fluorescent lights of the classroom as the girl’s arm waved in front of them.
“Hannah just stop it,” The friend griped, “It’s not worth it.”
“It’s the pen that—” Hannah protested.
“Yes I know it’s the pen you got when you were at that one place.”
“It means a lot to me!’ Hannah added.
“Hannah, you can do it.” Jake continued to tease, lowering it to just within her reach.  She jumped just as he pulled it back over her head and he chuckled t
:iconlady-nyx:Lady-Nyx 1 3
The Clock Strikes its Final
The Clock Strikes its Final Hour
There wasn’t a noise in the house besides the faint clicking of pans and water running in the kitchen.  The man entered the parlor and walked to his same old chair, his wife busy in the next room preparing dinner.  As he sat, the familiar squeak echoed through the room.  He lifted the novel he’d been reading off of the small table next to him and flipped through the pages and with notes written in the side margins.
He looked up, bewildered.  He specifically heard the noise.  His eyes landed on the clock above the mantle, but it was ticking soundlessly from its home next to the family portrait as usual.  He shrugged it off with a grunt and focused back on the words in front of him.  Soon enough he was absorbed, scribbling down notes on the wrinkled white pages.
He eyed around the room suspiciously over the bridge of the silver spectacles.  Again, he kn
:iconlady-nyx:Lady-Nyx 1 2
Here Kitty Kitty
Unknown to the world
She sits in the shadows
Batting around ideas in her head
About what she wants to prey upon.
The delivery boy was oh so yummy
But no, oh no, he would not do.
Oh me, oh my
Master has a visitor
What a scrumptious well-to-do
A man dressed all in riches
He most certainly will please her
Love her for tonight
He might live until tomorrow
Maybe stay a few more nights.
Lure him in with strong desire
Feel the caress
Digest the purrs and sensual looks
He notices the sparkle in her eyes
Returns her glances.
Trapped like the prey of the huntress
A spider in the web
Do you feel the claws
Burning fire down your back
Do you taste the hot breath against
The skin of your neck
Pure cuts will never heal
Bite marks won’t scab over
They’ll burn in his flesh
Until he breathes his last.
Which will be soon, my pet
She taunts
But as long as you play nice
And call me by my name
Maybe we can play a fun game tonight!
What can you call
A creature so lovely
Such a ferocity
Can n
:iconlady-nyx:Lady-Nyx 1 1
Vampire Agency
I shut the door softly, my fingers shaking as they grasped the knob and fiddled with the lock.  I let out a sigh before backing away from the black painted door slowly, watching it just in case something was to burst through it.
They would be coming soon.  They knew where I was.
The office was tiny, but easy to hide in.  A rickety plywood desk sat in the middle under stacks and stacks of papers and case files that belonged to the detective that worked here.  On each wall but one there were three windows covered in dusty white blinds.  I went to the first window groping in the dark for the pull string to raise them.  I failed to find it and resorted to separating two blinds with my fingers to look through.
Street lights were flicking outside at the deserted four-way intersection at the feet of the police station.  A lonely tree sat at one corner, obscuring the left side’s view of a graffiti covered stop sign.
:iconlady-nyx:Lady-Nyx 2 16
Twilight Breaking
It started out as nothing
A simple change in plans.
I was going off the face the world
From a view I didn’t understand.
It was so difficult to breathe
When all the faces stared me down
Asked me all those questions
About why I had come back.
You were a mystery to me
A beauty beyond words,
So perfect and so mystifying
The way your golden eyes shone.
I was caught up in too much
Soon I couldn’t see straight
It was if my legs had been ripped
Out from under me, I was flying.
But soon I crashed back down
The day you turned away from me
I was so hurt and confused,
I never thought I'd see the day of heartache.
Then I felt your skin on mine
Your nose inhaling the scent
Of my hair, of my wrist,
Taunting your senses.
You were a creature of the night
Who saved me from a deadly predator.
Who gave me a reason to stay
And watch my days through the pouring rain.
Who are you though,
To make my heart begin to beat?
I’ve never felt so frantic
Never felt so helpless.
Hold me now and don
:iconlady-nyx:Lady-Nyx 14 9
this is what we call a tragedy by Lady-Nyx this is what we call a tragedy :iconlady-nyx:Lady-Nyx 3 3
Lucifer's Interlude
        The music played quietly in the background of the desolate piano store.  The shop had closed hours before and the keeper had long since been gone back to his home a few blocks away.  The moon had come out in the darkness in the quiet town square and shone dully against gray rain clouds.  The piano keys filled the emptiness with a melody that no human could hear, no animal could bear to let fill their innocent ears.
        No angel of music could decipher the artist beyond the tune; for the sculptor was not of any species.  Not of any origin.  They spoke in hushed whispers and watched the ghost play.  Pale translucent fingers danced fervently, caressing the keys shining silver in the darkness.  His limbs arched perfectly so he could reach pedals gracefully without a sudden movement.  Blanketed in black velvet stood his e
:iconlady-nyx:Lady-Nyx 3 1
As her subjects swirled around her in haste for that evening’s feast the queen’s eyes hid under locks of curly blonde hair.  Her thoughts were racing almost as fast as her ladies maids as she thought about the night before.  The King was away at war and she had been ruling alone for 2 years now.  The Kingdom had had no news of the battle for some time now and she grew uneasy.
However…she looked up and her eyes fell upon the handsome servant who had stopped and met eyes with her.  He blinked away from their connection and walked away after a very short amount of time.  If ever someone noticed the two’s watching of each other there was sure to be death to pay.  She tried desperately not to watch his graceful movements as he helped out, the man doing the same not to watch his beautiful queen in the glittering throne room.  Her eyes once again hid, looking down at the glorious diamond and ruby jewelry
:iconlady-nyx:Lady-Nyx 1 0
Painted Blind
Painted Blind
He had been born blind.  For seventeen years he stayed strong because of her.  She had been born the same day as him, but a year after.
But it didn’t matter.
They were connected without having to think from the moment she was born.
Life dealt them their cards and soon they were in the same middle school.  It was the catalyst of their lives together on the fateful day that she fell down the front stairs.  She was a determined girl, new to the school and very nervous.
She had to get into the building on time.
She slipped on a step the second he walked out the front door.
He heard her scream and something switched on inside of him.
He didn’t know what to do, or who she was, but he acted.  He rushed to save her and fell in the process.
The hospital was in shock when they saw the video from the camera stationed outside of the school.  The boy had somehow run straight to her; but they had seen him before at t
:iconlady-nyx:Lady-Nyx 4 2



United States
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Well, it seems my last journal was nearly 3 years ago.  And, needless to say, life changed in three years inevitably.  People grow up, move along.  Some people stay the same and those continuing on finally realize that people aren't who they thought they were.  I have noticed the differences in people who went to college, and some who haven't, and those who stayed behind for community college or jobs and who haven't seemed to change much.

Some people try to rekindle relationships they ended, or let slip away.  I've had experiences with two.  One, I don't much care, because it's hardly a big deal.  The second, throws me off.  Partly because I very well might still have feelings for this person because of our "history," but more because of how it simply amazes me that I let myself get to that point.  I let myself become the wide open front door with a welcome mat, that says come on in with your dirty feet and your chainsaws, my heart is up the stairs and to the right.  Those who have wronged me know that I'm this pushover, this... thing that can just flip a new side to the pillow and forget about the other.  And that is fairly accurate.  I become desperate and needy for attention, for anything, keeping talking to someone if the conversation is going south simply because I can't stand that the conversation might end.  It's a bad quality to have, and yet, I can't shake it.

I've been told that I am the most cynical person they have ever met.  That I would tear down every couple I see simply because of my own rage based on that of my personal history.  But this counteracts with everything I feel inside; does it make me both?  I have these faulty moments where I think that love is out there and I can find it, and I desperately search for it.  Or are my faulty moments when I realize the previous thought is wrong, and that it doesn't exist?  Or maybe I'm both at times, but for the other 90% of the time I just don't care about anything or anyone.

I've moved in with my mother and her new husband for the summer between school years.  The newlywed atmosphere is suffocating, to say the least.  I am happy that she's happy, and the new man is tenfolds better than my father.  But I'm caught between wanting the same thing and wanting to run away from it.  I could blame it on my past.  I could blame it on falling in love.  Maybe I fell many times, maybe it was just that one person, or maybe it was none of them and I couldn't blame it on that.  Falling in, falling out, trudging through the sticky mess that is this "glorious love" everyone speaks of.  Who knows if I'll find it here in this tiny town in the South.  If not, that's fine with me too.


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